Session success for Buddi!

Buddi discussion

The first ALL INN session took place on 27th January, with Buddi bringing along their classic and updated systems, and a new system currently in development for people at risk of type 2 diabetes.

We had a great turn out, with a mix of people with type 2 diabetes, specialist diabetes GP and Commissioning Manager for Adult Social care, as well as Telecare staff members and the Head of Assisted Living.

As it was the first session lessons were learned around booking parking at peak times (!) but some great outcomes and feedback on the product were generated. The venue had to be changed due to the unfortunate flooding of the Assisted Living Leeds building but this didn’t dampen our spirits…

Fiona and Shaz

Fiona from Buddi said “I wish more local authorities would do this!” and after the session Louise from Buddi told us “This is really helpful for Buddi as there is nothing better than hearing feedback directly from service users, staff and commissioners”.


If you would like to be involved in future sessions, either to have your say on the technology of the future or to get insightful consultation on products your company has in development, please contact Suzanne on 07584 581 656 or

To see more outcomes from the Buddi session please click on ‘outcomes’ from the homepage.


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