Virtual Physiotherapist session

In early December ALL INN held a session to give stroke survivors the opportunity to try out an innovative new rehab assistant. The concept is a camera which tracks movements during exercises to support with ongoing rehab required after a stroke. It can detect minute changes that may not be noticeable visually and can support clinicians in prescribing the best exercises. The solution also encourages stroke survivors to complete all of the required exercises even without a clinician present.

The innovation comes from Aglaea and Leeds Beckett University, in collaboration with Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. ALL INN is grateful to the Stroke Association for their involvement in this session, and as ever a big thank you to everyone who attended.
One lady who tried out the solution said ‘this is great, I can really see it helping. I wish I had used this from when I first had my stroke’. The virtual physiotherapist, as the idea is currently known, will now go into its next development phase taking on board this feedback. Watch this space for more news! ​
The project was funded in part by University of Malaya HIRP and Royal Academy of Engineering. For more information on the solution please see

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