ALL INN is back!

There’s been a short hiatus but ALL INN is back and more exciting than ever! 


Wellbones ALL INN session

consultation with a view in Leeds!

The photo above shows the most recent user requirements session in action, in early April.  It was commissioned by start-up Wellbones to design and have input into their new app for people with or at risk of osteoporosis, and was the first of several as they will return with further iterations of their idea to get valuable feedback and direction from the very audience they are aiming to reach.

The ACTIVAGE project (mentioned in the last year’s blog post) is almost ready to deploy. The scale of the project and recent changes around data rules has meant a slight delay but the first installs should be taking place across Leeds in the homes of over 65s from May onwards. If you would like more info or to sign up please contact  

And that’s not all, a company who had an ALL INN session over a year ago are coming back with their newly developed product to put it in front of their intended audience to get feedback and useful insights for this stage of their development. This will take place in June, watch this space for more information! As well this a brand new social interest organisation is looking to hold a series of workshops in the autumn, more to come on that soon…  

If you would like more information or to book a session with ALL INN please contact 


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