Wendy, LIP member, at an ALL INN session


The ALL INN project works with some great partner organisations from across Leeds, and would like to take this opportunity to shout about them!

ALL INN organises sessions for Assistive Technology providers to consult with people who use services or have particular medical conditions or needs. People can contact us directly to sign up but in order to reach as many people as possible and tailor who we approach we work with some key partner organisations.

They include Leeds Involving People (LIP) who involve individual members in health, social care and community services. They run service user involvement groups and events, and projects to ensure opinions and concerns of the community are included in decision-making processes. ALL INN also works with Healthwatch Leeds, part of the national Healthwatch framework set up as a statutory requirement to ensure people have a voice in health and care services. They gather views about experiences of services and work with service planners to ensure people are being listened to. Another key partner for ALL INN is Carers Leeds , who support all unpaid carers by providing information, advice and social and emotional support.

All of these organisations share ALL INN’s focus on inclusion and engagement of people who assistive technology is developed for, and we look forward to working closely together in the future. If you would like be part of a consultation you can contact ALL INN directly, using the email address or call Suzanne on 07584 581 656.

1 thought on “Partnerships

  1. Chris Hudson

    Inclusion and involvement is a real strength of the Leeds healthcare scene and good to see it being harnessed here through these pioneering organisations, hopefully the commercial sector partners find this a benefit of the project to speed their route to market for innovative tech.



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