Another great session!

Tunstall 5.8.16

consultation session attendees

Earlier in August the ALL INN project organised a session for Tunstall, a provider of pioneering technology-enabled care technology and solutions.

The session took place at Leeds Beckett University facilities and brought together people with a range of experiences, all having in common caring for a loved one at a distance with the assistance of Telecare.

Tunstall were able to use the session to gain valuable feedback and insight from current service users to shape ongoing development activities. Rebecca Williams, Product Marketing Manager for Tunstall said “This was an excellent opportunity for Tunstall to discuss some of our up and coming developments we are working on with consumers.  We want to ensure our services remain as innovative and user centric as possible, having an opportunity such as the ALL INN project to consult with real people who use our technology every day is an important part of our design process and will influence the way we move forward with our next generation of product design.”

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the session. If you would like more information on ALL INN or to book a session, please contact Suzanne on 07584 581 656 or

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